Appendix B - Resources

1 Organising

1.1 Direct Democracy

1.2 Meetings

1.3 Events and Campaigns

1.5 Media

1.6 Mental Health and Sustainable Activism

1.7 Security

2 Action

3 Legal

See appendix A links to a number of groups that can help with legal issues, arrest support, etc. NOTE that the law is not the same across the UK - for example Scottish protest law has important differences with protest law in England and Wales.

4 Software and Online Tools

First off, check out the Tech Tools for Activism booklet! –

4.1 Communication and Social Networking:

4.2 Software:

4.3 Online Tools:

4.4 Computer Security Advice:

  1. while it’s important to be aware that police brutality does happen, and how to deal with it, it is also very important not to be intimidated by it. It does not happen to everyone and what gets left out of news reports is that more often than not, in the midst of it, protesters looked after and defended each other. Often people get scared away from protests when they hear about police actions – and this is exactly what they want