Student Organiser's Handbook

A handbook for radical students - covering everything from starting a small group, to occupying a building, to organising whole departments and faculties. While it's aimed at students in the uk, it should be useful to students everywhere. The purpose of the handbook is to provide some pointers to the student organisers of the future - so that they can learn from the experience and mistakes of the people who have written it.

We are not experts - no one really 'knows' what they are doing. The difference between someone who gets active, and someone who sits back because they "aren't the right person for the job" is just this - confidence. The only way to learn to be a good organiser is to get out there and start doing it. We are the ones we've been waiting for!

The handbook is available as a PDF version and a web version. You can also buy the paperback from Active Distribution for just £3! We don't make any profit at all, so help with publicising it would be really appreciated!

There is also no copyright - the whole thing is released into the public domain so that anyone can edit, publish, and share it freely. Original files available here. It will only continue to be useful if it stays up to date and grows - so please consider adding contributions from your own experiences!

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